Kait has literally been a member of the HJ Family her entire life.  From learning to crawl on the showroom floors to having birthday parties in the back room, this jewelry store has always been a part of her… it’s no wonder the love of sparkly things has rubbed off! 

Kait loves having the opportunity to work with clients… showing them the latest, most exciting new arrivals!  Her smile and enthusiasm make her easy to work with, too! She has a great head for business and is always ready to step in and help at a moment’s notice.  Who knows, maybe we have a 4th generation jeweler on our hands!  

When she’s not at the jewelry store, Kait is busy with school and track.  She has a huge heart for animals and wherever she goes, you’ll find her with a smile on her face.


Stop in and let Kait help you today!


Our HJ Team